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Personal Skills Training

Effective Selling Techniques

Duration: Two Days


All sales training is aimed at increasing sales. Sales success is best achieved by identifying the current lack of essential skills and investing in sales people knowledge, relevant expertise and proven techniques to banish self limiting beliefs that constrain their sales performance. A secondary aim is to increase the personal motivation and real potential of sales personnel to help them sell more professionally and retain their client accounts. By meeting these objectives, the primary aim of any company, increased profits, are successfully achieved.

This highly interactive course is designed to equip the sales person with the definite skills necessary to sell successfully time and time again. While the programme is detailed in content and contains interactive role-play and learning exercises, two main elements are concentrated upon;

  1. What a salesperson should be doing
  2. Exactly how they should do it and when

At the end of this intensive two day course participants will have identified and improved their personal strengths, have practised using them to best effect and most importantly they will have developed an individual plan for driving and managing their sales campaigns.

Course Outline:

  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Prospecting and Developing New Business
  • Persuasive Sales Presentation Skills
  • Establishing and Meeting Customer Needs
  • Presenting the Sales Case to the Customer
  • Handling and Answering Customer Objections
  • Closing Your Sales
  • Developing Your After Sales Service

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